My First Blog Post!

Welcome to my very first blog post!

As I began to think about the journey I would embark upon after school, I soon realized that there was a product or platform for every part of your life - both personal & professional. There's LinkedIn for your professional profile and networking, Tumblr for your blog needs, Facebook and Twitter for personal stories and F1000 for publishing scientific research.

Yet none of these solutions gave me the flexibility to showcase my personality to the extent I wished or communicate to a variety of audiences in a way that would feel authentic and yet be seamless.

Here are some of the elements I needed to find a home for on the web:
- My profile -  a hybrid of my professional and personal profile. Let's call it my 'ProPer Profile'. 
- My Resume.
- Publications - papers and articles I have written or been cited in.
- News - again both personal and professional. 'ProPer' if you will.
- A simple way for people to contact me.

In my search, I came across the Squarespace platform for website creation. It seemed to tick all the boxes for my needs, either with its native functionality or through external application integration. It would provide me with one central location for everything I listed above, with little or no need for prior development knowledge.

So I jumped right in and got developing! I hope you like the website and home of the blog so far. It will be a constant labor of love and will hopefully evolve over time, as I do.

My vision for the blog, specifically, is pretty simple. It is a place to keep a public record of things I am working on or participating in. In some sense, it is a living portfolio and a way to allow you, the world, to get to know me better.

I plan to explore two main themes, work and travel. Those are the two things I do the most of, so inspiration should be plentiful! Expect travel reports from countries and cities I visit and updates on research and development happening the laboratory. I'm hoping, but nervous to commit to sharing content every week.

Coming up soon is a post about how my poster presentation went for Burroughs Wellcome Fund at UCSD.

 Burroughs Wellcome Fund Presentation.

Burroughs Wellcome Fund Presentation.